• Tokyo Resource Management Co., Ltd.

Corporate Principle

Under globalization of the economy, the declining birthrate / aging population are progressing rapidly, it is highly required to improve the quality of services and management efficiency even in the field of service industries with strong public nature.

In these fields, we support the management of companies with optimal use of human resources and proprietary network in collaboration with administrative officials.

We believe that we can create a more comfortable living environment and contribute to society through our innovative and organic approach.


Business Guide

Planning and support for creating an environmental city by providing suitable human resources.

  • Proposal for concrete measures for redevelopment and town development focusing on energy conservation and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Consultation and coordination for business implementation
  • Human support for business management
  1. Ranging from the urban development plan with a broad and next-generation perspective to community-based development, we introduce talented people with know-how and provide reliable business support to meet client’s expectation.
  2. We back up client’s business from planning to implementation by making full use of our rich human network.
  3. Upon implementation of the business, we execute appropriate business support.
    by utilizing our superior human resources.


Approach to urban problems

Consulting business in planning and implementation

We provide multifaceted help and support in order to achieve the maximum effect in formulating and implementing plans through efficient collaboration with experts and specialized agencies.

We work on creating a prosperous rich town in corporation with re-development agencies.

With regard to energy indispensable to daily living, we promote regionally distributed energy and renewable energy, which are highly effective in disaster prevention and environmental conservation.

Business support by human resources provision

To carry out project, we dispatch personnel with solid skills and abilities.

In particular, for the operation and the management of garbage incineration plants, hospitals and sewerage projects, we provide human resources support to meet client’s expectation.

Think tank business of urban planning

For various problems in urban planning that client faces in their business promotion, we conduct detailed information gathering, research and analysis by using our proprietary network and take measures together to lead to optimal solution.


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